We are looking for team members to fill the following positions

Business partnerships
Manage vendor and healers network. Conduct research and outreach for potential members 

Community partnership manager
Recruit organizations with similar areas of interest. Manage communication with existing partners. 

Health education support
Assist with expansion of health education program, creating and updating materials, assist with accredation 

Program management
Oversee evaluation and data collection for all programs.

Cooperative support
Outreaching to healers and assisting with needs and signing up.

Social media 
Conduct outreach via social media gathering pages for business and community partnerships team. Conduct social media campaigns 

Intern team
Facilitate connections with institutions to recruit interns for specified roles. Develop internship program and recruitment material 

Research development and support
Researching existing PH solutions for health inequities, support online database with articles and research. Support research partnerships. 

Support with book keeping, overseeing contracts and managing salesforce 

Tech support
Periodic support with website, operational needs and logistical needs
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How much time can you commit monthly?

What team would you like to join?

What experience do you have in regards to the team you would like to join?

6. What school, organization or specialized community are you affiliated with?

If there are other forms of support you would like to offer, please head to this site for more details

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